Fanfiction – Boys Over Flowers – Because I’m Stupid (1)

Escribí este fanfic hace un tiempito y lo publiqué en y lo pueden leer aquí. Pero ahora lo estoy publicando también en mi blog.

Because I’m Stupid

This is a Ji Hoo/Jan Di fanfic.

I wanted Ji Hoo to have a happy ending. So this is an alternate reality thing where Goo Joon Pyo did marry Ha Jae Kyum and they moved to the United States after the wedding. The events here are happening about a year after that.

Why? I think that a relationship between Jan Di and Ji Hoo would work out. Jan Di liked Ji Hoo from the beginning, even before she liked Joon Pyo. If Joon Pyo was out of the picture, of course she would have ended up accepting Ji Hoo.

And I think they would have been very happy too because they were friends; they felt very comfortable with one another; he was the first person that always came to her mind every time she had a problem or when she wanted to share something happy; and the most important thing is that he was willing to do anything for her and to wait as long as she needed.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters; I’m just in love with them. I don’t own the song Because I’m Stupid either.

Chapter One – “Honja dasi tto crying for you…”

Geun Jan Di stared at the invitation in her hand for a long time. She kept staring at it until all the letters became mumbled together and lost all meaning; nothing more than black smudges on the very white, very elegant paper.

Ha Jae Kyum’s birthday party invitation.

They had seen each other a couple of times while she was visiting Korea after she moved to the United States. And Jan Di knew she was happy.

But that was not the reason of her sudden shortness of breath.

The reason was Goo Joon Pyo. She hadn’t seen him in more than a year. She hadn’t seen him since the wedding.

The door of the porridge restaurant opened and the little bell on top of it announced the arrival of a customer.

“Welco…!” Jan Di stopped in the middle of her bow when she recognized the person at the door. “Sunbae!”

Ji Hoo smiled and gave her his usual wave. He walked up to her and put his hands in the pockets of his –she was sure of it- ridiculously expensive pants.

“Are you ok?” Ji Hoo asked her.

She shrugged, trying her best to look unburdened. By the look on Ji Hoo’s face she could tell she was not doing a very good job.

“So, you got an invitation too?” Jan Di turned around and shoved the invitation in the pocket of her apron. When she faced Ji Hoo again, he was still standing on the same spot with his hands inside his pockets and concern painted on his handsome face.

“You came because you were worried about me?”

“I came because I heard the emergency bell.”

“It was not so much as an emergency bell,” she said dismissively. “More like a jingle bell.”

She smiled, but he didn’t smile back.

At that time Ga Eul came out of the kitchen. Perfect timing, thought Jan Di.

“Ji Hoo sunbae!” Ga Eul said as a greeting.

He nodded at her in acknowledgement. For Ji Hoo that was almost a warm greeting, Jan Di almost chuckled at the thought.

It was funny, she thought. She knew he was warm, caring and sweet, but most people didn’t even imagine it.

“Are you going?” Ji Hoo asked.

“Of course I’m going,” Jan Di said with a sigh. “She is my friend.”

He nodded. “We’ll go together then.”

And just like that it was settled. He had not asked, and she knew it.

But come to think of it, she wouldn’t have it any other way.


Jan Di was feeling anxious as she walked into the ballroom on Ji Hoo’s arm. Ga Eul was walking a couple of steps behind with Woo Bin, who had sportingly agreed to escort her. It was a pity Yi Jung was still in Sweden. It will be a while longer before he came back, but Jan Di knew Ga Eul was already counting the days.

Ji Hoo squeezed Jan Di’s hand comfortingly, and they walked into the beautifully decorated room. Jan Di was surprised at the absurd amount of people present. She knew Jae Kyum actually had very few friends, so this must be her parents’ doing.

She was unable to ponder on that for long because at that moment Jae Kyum herself rushed toward them.

“Jan Di!” She exclaimed while both girls hugged. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

Was that relief in her voice? Did she think Jan Di may not show up?

“I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” Jan Di said, somewhat awkwardly.

Jae Kyum went to hug Ga Eul. Then, she unceremoniously hugged Ji Hoo and Woo Bin as well, paying no attention to their discomfort.

“Ja, Monkey!”

They all turned around to see Goo Joon Pyo walking over. When he recognized the group of people with his wife, he froze on the spot. His eyes met Jan Di’s briefly before he regain his composure and kept walking toward them; a cool smile on his lips.

“Ji Hoo,” he said with a smile and Ji Hoo nodded. They shook hands and did the funny, awkward, one arm men hug thing.

“Yo, my bro!” Woo Bin joined the hug and then grabbed Joon Pyo on a headlock. All three of them laughed.

Jan Di found herself staring at them with a grin. They sure looked like they missed each other.

Joon Pyo then turned to her. “Geun Jan Di.”

“Hello Goo Joon Pyo.” She was amazed at how steady her voice had sounded. She was even more amazed at how calm she felt.

“Joon!” Jae Kyum intervened. “Let’s cut the cake now.” She grabbed his arm and they started walking away. “See you guys later!”

The moment they walked away, Ji Hoo was by Jan Di’s side. He passed his arm over her shoulders. She felt so comforted by his gesture that all she wanted was to burrow in his arms and forget about everything around them.

Where had that thought come from? Jan Di asked herself alarmed while she pulled away from him. He tightened his hold on her though and didn’t let her get away.

“Are you okay?” he whispered in her ear.

Unable to speak, she nodded.

What was wrong with her?

“Let’s get some drinks.”

Woo Bin’s interruption was God-sent.

Jan Di hurried off with Woo Bin and Ga Eul, while Ji Hoo followed them a couple of steps behind.

Later that night, when Ji Hoo’s car stopped in front of Jan Di’s house, he finally asked the question that had been on his mind all evening.

“Was it hard?” he asked without turning around to look at her.

“Not as hard as I thought it would be,” she answered truthfully and this time he looked at her; his eyes searching hers as if trying to read her mind.

“Thank you.” She gave his hand a little squeeze before opening the door.

“I did nothing.”

“You’ve done more than you’ll ever know.”

And with that she left.

He rested his head on the back of the seat and closed his eyes as the car started to move.

“What are you doing, Ji Hoo?”

Was he really getting signals from Jan Di or was his heart playing tricks on him?


You can read the next chapter here.


4 thoughts on “Fanfiction – Boys Over Flowers – Because I’m Stupid (1)

  1. I always wondered what it would be if she had chosen Ji Hoo. He was so nice and her Fireghter, the perfect one for her, But sadly that wasn’t the story, so he was just her soulmate. She had a tough choice, cuz they’re both HOT! haha. Nice story btw. If he had stayed with Monkey girl it made the break up easy and the moving on easier (with Ji Hoo!)

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