Fanfiction – Boys Over Flowers – Because I’m Stupid (2)

This is the second chapter. There are only four, so… enjoy!

If you haven’t read chapter one, you’ll find it here.

Chapter Two – “Honja dasi tto missing for you…”

Jan Di had been taking notes while Ji Hoo’s grandfather evaluated the patient.

She didn’t realize when she got distracted.

She had looked at the picture of Ji Hoo’s family on Grandfather’s desk and was now staring at Ji Hoo’s mother.

Mother and son had shared the same big, kind eyes, and the angelic smile.

She gazed at Ji Hoo’s mother again and saw the ring on her finger.

Ji Hoo had offered that ring to her once. It was right after Joon Pyo and Jae Kyum’s wedding.

He had said he didn’t know when he had started feeling that way, but he couldn’t live without her.

She was unable to say yes to him, even though a part of her wanted to. It would have been so easy to say yes; to let him love her, protect her; make her forget.

But it wouldn’t have been fair; not for him anyway. How could she accept him and not love him like he deserved?

She knew she would not have been able to live with herself.

What would be her answer if he asked now?

Wow! Where did that come from? Jan Di asked herself startled.

Why did she keep having these thoughts?

Jan Di looked at the picture again and at the small Ji Hoo sitting on his grandfather’s lap. At that time he was loved and protected, surrounded by his loving family. It still broke her heart that he had lost everything in the blink of an eye.

Jan Di looked at the other picture on the desk. She had taken that one herself. It was a picture of Ji Hoo and Grandfather the first time the three of them had gone fishing.

She let out a sigh. She was glad she was able to play a small part in the events that helped him find his family again. A part of her –a very audacious part- even felt like part of that family. She certainly saw him as part of her family. She simply couldn’t imagine her life without him.

“Jan Di-ah!”

Grandfather’s voice brought her back to the clinic. She must have spaced out because the patient was already gone.

“Where is that mind of yours, girl?” He tried to sound stern, but Jan Di had gotten to know him too well to be fooled. He walked out of the office talking under his breath.

Where had her mind gone to indeed? Jan Di asked herself.

Ji Hoo walked into the room. He had just arrived to pick Grandfather up so they could go home. Lately he was very busy with medical school and working at the Foundation, but he still took time every day to bring Grandfather to the clinic in the mornings and pick him up in the evenings. Jan Di was very glad, because she was able to see him every day, and she always made sure to be at the clinic in the evenings so they could talk for a little while.

Of course, they will see each other even more often when she started medical school next month.

Jan Di had been so excited to be admitted. Ji Hoo had taken her to dinner to celebrate. It had been fun.

“Grandfather’s right,” Ji Hoo said taking a seat on Grandfather’s chair. “Your mind is not here today.”

“Were you talking to me just now?” she asked and he nodded. “What did you say?”

“Nothing important.” He looked intently at her for a couple of seconds. “Are you thinking about Joon Pyo?”

It took her a moment to understand the question. Her eyes opened wide in surprise when she realized she hadn’t thought about Goo Joon Pyo even once since she saw him at the party.

Instead, she had been thinking nonstop about…

She looked into Ji Hoo’s eyes. She could see confusion in them and also concern. He probably didn’t understand her reaction. She couldn’t blame him. She didn’t understand what was happening to her either.

He looked like he was about to say something, but he was interrupted by the sound of something hitting the floor in the other room. Jan Di and Ji Hoo looked toward the door and waited a beat for another sound.


“Grandfather?” Ji Hoo called out.

For all answer they heard a grunt, and Ji Hoo and Jan Di were sprinting out the door.


Jan Di was carrying two cups of coffee when she entered the hospital room the next morning. She had gone home last night, but all she could think about was coming back.

As she had anticipated, Ji Hoo was still here. He was wearing the same clothes, so she knew that he hadn’t followed her instructions to go home and get some sleep too. Even as she was telling him to go home she knew he wouldn’t.


He looked up at her and her heart hurt seeing how pale and exhausted he looked; scared too.

He made a brave attempt at a smile when she gave him the coffee.

She stood next to him and put her hand on his shoulder while she sipped her own coffee.

“You should go home,” she said. He started to say no, but she cut him off. “If not to sleep, at least take a shower, change clothes, eat something… Or are you planning to get sick too?” she asked sternly.

“I’ll do all that as soon as he wakes up.”

There was no point in arguing, she knew too well that once he made up his mind he wouldn’t budge.

Jan Di sat next to him on the couch and readied herself for the wait; regardless of how long it may be. She had no intention of going anywhere either until Grandfather woke up. If nothing else, she would keep Ji Hoo company.

It was early evening already and Ji Hoo was starting to doze off when they heard Grandfather’s voice.

“Ji Hoo-ya.”

It was barely a whisper, but a second later Ji Hoo was by his side.

“Grandfather, how do you feel?”

“Jan Di-ah?”

“I’m here too, Grandfather,” she said standing on the other side of the bed and taking his hand. “You scared us.”

“I’m going to get the doctor,” said Ji Hoo.

“There’s no time,” Grandfather stopped him holding his hand out to Ji Hoo. He took it and squeezed it.

Grandfather brought his hands to his chest, still holding Jan Di and Ji Hoo’s hands. Jan Di and Ji Hoo looked at their hands held together by Grandfather, and then at each other.

Jan Di was holding her breath. It looked like Ji Hoo was too.

Suddenly, Grandfather’s hands went limp and the monitor next to the bed emitted a high-pitched flat line sound.



Hi Joo ran out the room to get the doctor.


You can read the next chapter here.


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