Fanfiction – Boys Over Flowers – Because I’m Stupid (4)

Fourth and last chapter!

If you haven’t read the previous chapters, you can find them here: 1 / 2 / 3

Chapter Four – “Baraedo dasi baraedo…”

Jan Di hadn’t seen Ji Hoo in two days.

She was going crazy.

He had said she needed to think things through; that he wanted her to be sure before things between them went any further.

She already knew she wanted him in her life. She had always known that.

And after the other night all she could think about was kissing him again.

He hadn’t said for how long she was supposed to think this through.

She had been ready to go find him the day before, but she didn’t want to risk being turn down by him. He would probably think she should have thought about it a while longer.

Well, too bad for him!

Thinking time was over. She refused to spend another day away from him.

She took her time preparing a lunch box. Now that she had made up her mind she needed to stay calm.

She would invite him to a picnic. It would be fun.

And God knew he needed fun in his life. Especially now that Grandfather was gone.

When she got to his house she noticed it was too quiet. The door was locked and Ji Hoo was nowhere to be seen. She tried calling him but the call went straight to voice mail.

Where could he be this Sunday morning? He had no classes, no work…

There was only one place she could think of.

Jan Di ran to the street where she could take a cab.

Jan Di got out of the cab and looked towards the water. And there he was. He was sitting on a folding chair, holding his fishing rod. He was wearing a jacket, rubber boots and a beanie cap.

Jan Di’s heart did a somersault. He looked exactly like the last time they had come together. The only thing missing was Grandfather on the next chair.

A lonely tear ran down her cheek at the thought.

Jan Di was sure she hadn’t made a sound, but somehow Ji Hoo was able to hear her… Maybe he had sensed her. He stood up and turned around. He looked surprised to see her there.

She smiled and wiped the tear as she walked toward him.

He left the fishing rod by the chair and walked toward her as well.

They stopped when they were right in front of each other.

Under Ji Hoo’s intense gaze, Jan Di realized she had been so busy thinking about seeing him again that she hadn’t given any thought to what she would actually say to him.

But this was Ji Hoo… They had never needed words…

She took off her backpack and left it beside the lunch box. She then took the couple of steps separating them. He had stayed very still; like a statute. Jan Di already knew he was not going to initiate anything; he would follow her lead. It was up to her now.

For the first time since they’ve known each other, she put her arms around him. Her arms hugged his waist and her head rested on his chest. She could feel his heart start to beat faster. Hers was beating fast too; she was sure he could feel it.

“You are cold,” he said in a husky voice and pulled his jacket to cover them both as he hugged her too.

She had been cold, she realized now. But now she was enveloped by this fragrance-filled warmth that was all Ji Hoo. She cuddled closer to him with a sigh of contentment.

When she looked up into his eyes, she saw a look of absolute happiness that she had never seen in his eyes before. If she hadn’t been sure that she loved him by now, that look would have been enough to convince her.

She tilted her head up and he met her lips.

All her anxiety evaporated with the kiss. When they broke apart, they looked at each other and smiled.



“Let’s have a picnic.”

His laugh was like tinkling of chimes; a laugh so nakedly happy that it made her own heart expand with joy. Had she ever heard such a beautiful sound?

She had every intention of making him laugh like that as much as possible from now on.

The End


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