Fanfiction – Harry Potter – Another H/G Fanfic (26)

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Chapter Twenty-Six: The Calm Before the Storm

Even though Ginny didn’t particularly care about Ron sensibilities, she didn’t get much chance to annoy him, as she barely had time to be with Harry. Her OWLs were rapidly approaching and she was spending most of her evenings in the library. However, they spent time together during lunch and also, Harry usually found a way to steal a couple of minutes of her time every now and then.

“Blasted!” Ginny exclaimed when the contents of her backpack spilled on the floor. When she checked it, she noticed the seam had ripped. Funny, since she was not carrying that many books today.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Colin. “Now we’re going to be late for Charms.”

“I’ll take care of this,” Ginny said, getting her wand out of her pocket. “You go ahead and tell Professor Flitwick that I will be along shortly.”


Ginny fixed her backpack and was about to start gathering her belongings when she heard Harry’s voice.

“Do you need help?”

She looked around, but Harry was nowhere to be seen.

“Harry?” she asked tentatively and then almost died of shock when his head appeared just inches from hers. “Harry!” she exclaimed. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“Sorry, Ginny,” he said, grinning. “I forgot I was under the invisibility cloak.”

“What were you doing under…?” Ginny looked around and then shoot Harry a shrewd look. “Did you do that?”

“Would you be terribly pissed if I did?” he asked. Before Ginny could answer he had taken out his wand and was pointing it at every direction saying “Accio!” and gathering Ginny’s stuff. “Here you go,” he handed them to her. “No harm done?”

Ginny wondered how she will ever be able to be mad at him when he looked at her with those eyes.

“May I inquire why you would go through all this trouble?” she asked, taking a step toward him.

To her surprise, he pulled her closer and in a swift motion, threw the invisibility cloak over the two of them.

“It’s no trouble at all if I get to spend a couple of minutes with you,” he said, and Ginny felt her legs become like jelly. It was a good thing he had his arm around her waist.

Was it possible that he couldn’t stop thinking about her just as she couldn’t stop thinking about him? That would be amazing. It was the last coherent thought in Ginny’s mind before Harry kissed her.

“I have to go,” Ginny whined a couple of kisses later.

“I know,” Harry said and gave her one last lingering kiss before he removed the cloak. “I’ll walk you to your class.”

“Don’t,” Ginny said as she shouldered her backpack. “If you do Professor Flitwick will never believe I had an accident.”

“Then see you at lunch,” Harry said, and after a last kiss, he walked away.

Ginny would have rather spent all her time with Harry, but she had to admit that if she did, she wouldn’t have any chance of doing well on her OWLs. She once let him talk her into some Defense Against the Dark Arts tutoring –because, honestly, who better to tutor her in that subject that Harry Potter himself- but that didn’t turn out to be such a good idea after all. There was more time spent in playing and making-out than in actual studying. And to make things worst, Hermione found them in a far-from-academic stance –they were wrapped around each other so tight and kissing so fiercely that Ginny actually felt dizzy when they broke apart. Under Hermione’s part-annoyed, part-disappointed glare, Ginny’s guilty expression was mimicked perfectly in Harry’s face. She didn’t say anything at that moment, but Ginny knew she would give them a piece of her mind later.

Sure enough, as soon as Harry left them to go looking for Ron, Hermione turned to Ginny. “I don’t think you should be wasting what little time you have to get ready for the OWLs.”

Ginny looked at her friend long and hard before responding in a slow, dangerous tone. “First of all, I don’t think I’ll be ready for the OWLs even if I spend every waking moment with my face inside a book,” she started, her eyes fixed on Hermione’s. “After all, we can’t all be little Hermione Grangers.” Hermione’s eyes widen. She was evidently as surprise as she was hurt by Ginny’s remark. That one had been a tad below the belt, Ginny had to admit it, but she was too annoyed with Hermione to care right at this moment.

“And second, I don’t believe any time I spend with Harry is wasted,” she finished.

“And that will teach me to mind my own business.”

Ginny swore inwardly, listening to her friend’s bitter tone. “Hermione, don’t get like that,” she said with a sigh. “Harry was helping me study. He was,” she added when Hermione gave her a shrewd look. “We just got a bit side-tracked.”

Hermione humphed but didn’t pursue the subject. Although Ginny was sure that Harry would also get a lecture, and it was likely it would be a lot harsher.

The truth was that Ginny was convinced that Hermione was exaggerating. After all, it was not like she spent all her time with Harry. Although she all she wanted to do was be with Harry. He was still serving detention with Snape every Saturday, which meant that they wouldn’t see each other until lunch or even later. It actually seemed like lately Snape was keeping Harry later and later every time. Ginny was finding these detentions particularly irksome because they cut into the already limited time they could have been spending together. Snape had always been her least favorite teacher, but lately, her dislike had grown to epic proportions.