People is usually afraid of change. I am not an exception to this rule. However, I have learned that change is inevitable, and the more we resist, the harder it becomes.

Looking back, it’s funny how I lived the first eighteen years of my life feeling that my future was pretty much set. My little town in Dominican Republic used to seem so claustrophobic that I just couldn’t wait to get out and see the world. Back then that seemed so improbable that I was sometimes filled with despair. However, life has a way to sneak up on you and change everything over night. That was exactly what happened when, all of the sudden, my family decided to move from Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico.

That was a good change for me. It gave me the opportunity to realize I was not a princess that deserved everything (thank God I had a very privileged childhood) and I learned that things needed to be earned with hard work and dedication. I worked part-time while I went to college. I even joined the Army. In those years I became the independent, self-sufficient  woman that I am today.

In Puerto Rico I met my soulmate, my best friend, my husband. And right here my two beautiful sons were born.

In twenty three years in Puerto Rico I’ve done a lot of things and I have gone through many changes. Some of them have been very positive and other not so much, but all of them have taught me something. And I have to say I have few regrets.

But now is time for another change… Another life-altering change.

Just like twenty four years ago my parents decided to leave Dominican Republic and move to Puerto Rico to give their children a better future with more opportunities,  now is me who is moving to Massachusetts for basically the same reason.

Like all changes, it’s scary. It means leaving all I know behind and sailing forth to the unknown. But it’s also exciting. It’s a new adventure…

Bring it on!



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